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Alarm Clock with Voice-Snooze


Snoozy is your full featured Alarm-Clock, you only have to speak to, to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning!

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full featured
Alarm Clock

– including timer function
– automatic weekday alarm repeat
– shake to snooze
– volume-button snooze
and much more…


Snooze your alarms and timers just by speaking to Snoozy!

* also accepts clapping, screaming, swearing …

Sleep Music

fall asleep to your favorite music!
Just set the timer, it will be turned off automatically

additional features

– Choose your favorite ringtone from your iPod library
– Beautiful minimalistic design with day and night color scheme
– Background-Mode: no need to keep Snoozy open
– Full functionality, even in the free version


Snoozy center view

Starting Screen

The center screen gives you a quick overview about the current time and the next alarm or timer. In addition you can set the Sleep-Music countdown and control the music player.Swipe right reveals the alarm list. Swipe left reveals the Sleep-Music playlist.

Snoozy alarms list

Alarms and Timer

Here you can manage your alarms and timer. Activate them with a simple tap or change their settings with a tap on the cogwheels. Swipe right on an alarm and press the X button to delete it. To rearrange the list, just long tap on an entry and drag it to its new position!

Snoozy alarm settings

Detail View

The circular time picker set the alarms hours and minutes. A center tap switches from alarm to timer and vice versa. At the top ringtone and general settings can be accessed. On the bottom edge you can define the automatic repeat weekdays for the alarm.

Snoozy Sleep-Music playlist


Add music from your personal music library to the sleep-music playlist with a simple tap on the + button. Rearrange the tracks with a long tap and drag them to the new position. A simple tap starts the track. The time until Snoozy turns off the music for you can be set on the center screen.

Snoozy Plus+


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